Bronze Martrydom Single
BRONZE Martyrdom

-CD Single-
Released: 2/21/96

  1. BRONZE Martyrdom (vocal) [5:40]16 kbps 11 khz mono 1:09 min.
    -song from Bronze when Koji & Izumi are watching Koji's music video on tv in apartment-
    Lyrics by: KOJI Music by: KOHICHI KAMIMURA Arranged by TAKEO MIRATSU
  2. SCAPE GOAT(vocal) [4:51]
    Lyrics by: KOJI Music & Arranged by: CHOKKAKU
  3. BRONZE MARTYRDOM [5:40] ~off Vocal ver.~
  4. SCAPE GOAT [4:51] ~off Vocal ver.~
    vocal player: SHOW HAYAMI

Anime Theme Song Coll.Track 2's music isn't very impressive, but the lyrics are. Unlike the 2nd track, the 1st song is great! You only get to hear a few seconds of it in the ova. But when you listen to the entire song, you have to love it. Koji (Seiyuu:Hayami Sho) is just great in this cd. I just hope they make more cd's with him in the future.

This Bronze Martyrdom song is also found on one of SM's new Anime Theme Song Coll. cd (cataloge #GGG-005).

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